Intermediate Course.

Healing Sound Vibrations Training Course.

The Intermediate Course …

The intermediate course has a prerequisit of the beginner course (l1)

Who should take the course? Anyone who has a family member with fibromyalgia, caregivers of the elderly, and individuals in the healing professions, as well as students working toward certification.

Intermediate Course Curriculum

The curriculum of the Intermediate course builds upon what you have learned in the Beginner course of the HSV training.

However, instead of working on the body, we will be working on the immediate space that surrounds the body. Some people call this space the aura, others call it the bio-energy field, and still others call it the energy field.

To keep things consistent and simple, we will use the term energy field.

The intermediate course has three main objectives.

The first one is awareness. You are encouraged to discover your own energy field as well as the energy field of others.

The second one is mindfulness. You will learn why mindfulness is so important in our work and also how to integrate it into the work you do.

The third objective is the power of consciousness. You will develop your mental focus and inner attitude— the summation and the wholeness — required of a coach and HSV practitioner.

In the Beginner course you learned how to handle and play the singing bowls on the body. In the intermediate course you will be introduced to the gong and other sound instruments. In addition to using the singing bowls, you will learn how to use the gong and other sound instruments to clean, harmonize, and strengthen the body’s energy filed.

The Motto for this course is —as outside, so is inside and vice versa. 

Reminder! Before taking the Intermediate course you will need to take the Beginners Course  Levels I



Sound Intensive Logistics

The are no additional bowls required for this course.
What about gongs?

What are tingshas?


Wow! What you learn in this course is like putting things on “steroids.” L.H.

And More Information About The Intermediate Course.
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Member Area Access

If you have completed the Beginner course, you are already a member. Make sure you listen/read the sections on “gongs.”

Core Training

Student are encouraged to discuss all things “gongs.” Don’t forget to read the additional resources not included in the member area.

Coaching & Mentoring

Details coming soon!

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