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The Beginner Course …

as the name implies, the beginner course is for beginners and, therefore, open to anyone—individuals and professionals…

doctors and nurses • coaches, psychologists and psychotherapists • educators • occupational and physical therapists • fitness trainers • massage therapists • music and speech therapists • caregivers of babies through senior • health care providers • moms, dads, grandparents, family and friends.

And, there are no prerequisites, but a few requirements.

To ensure every attendee of the beginner course has a wonderful experience, we reserve the right to only admit students who are of sound mind and body.

What do we mean by this?

Participants with any physical or psychiatric disorders that may represent a risk to themselves or their fellow students are asked to consult with their physician and/or therapist about the training.  Further, it is the participant’s responsibility to inform us of said conditions prior to starting the training.

In addition, training cannot be attended during the first three months of pregnancy.

Details are covered in your application package.

Beginner Course Curriculum

Every journey has a beginning. For you, the student, the Beginner course is the start of your journey into the healing world of sound. A place where you learn how to give a deeply relaxing sound massage. For your future clients, this means to retreat to a…

Place where they can ‘let go’ and ‘let be’ of the many stresses in their daily life—a space that is save, even if it’s only for a short time.

Place that allows them to get back in touch with their body again—something so many people have forgotten how to do.

With this in mind, let’s look at the focus of the Beginner course.


Focus of the Beginner Course

The primary focus of the beginner course is to deeply relax both, the body as well as the mind, and to alleviate the many symptoms of stress, including:

Tension and the accompanying aches


Trouble falling and staying asleep

Pain – including joint and back pain

Menstrual pain and cramps

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS),

Physical and Mental Exhaustion, and

a whole lot more  

Secondary Benefits

Before moving on, there are several secondary benefits worth mentioning.  For example, after a sound session you are likely to have increased







Over a short period of time, you will also experience a renewed zest for life

The benefits you can expect will regular sound sessions are astounding! As an added benefit, every time you administer a basic sound massage, you will also benefit from the treatment — doing good for others, while doing something good for yourself.

*Note: If the sessions are intended to help you sleep better, we are speaking of the cumulative effect.

Beginner Course Logistics

Please, download the attached HSV Academy course curriculum pdf.
Students are highly encouraged to purchase their bowls prior to, or during the training.
And More Information About The Beginner Course
Beginner Course - Healing Sound Vibrations Academy presents Barry

Member Area Access

New students are automatically added to the members area. The member area houses two types of media. Media available to general members and media available only to students. The articles and case studies in the restricted student member area are not available to  the public.

Core Training

Students are encouraged to request admission to the Facebook student community as soon as they have paid their tuition in full.

Coaching & Mentoring

Details coming soon!

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