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AISMT & Healing Sound Vibrations Academy.

About Us

Here, you have the opportunity to learn about us — what we do, our gradual evolution (timeline), and even a little about the creator of AISMT and Healing Sound Vibration Methods.

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach Healing Sound Vibration Methods to everyone regardless of their economic situation, cultural background, and geographical location.

Our Vision

Our vision is for individuals to have the knowledge and tools available to become the masters of their ship—to take responsibility of and to nurture their health & wellbeing.

What We Do

The AISMT program offers the following offline services:
  • private sessions in Healing Sound Vibration Methods with Life Coaching (i.e., Four Pillars of Health), Sound Massage acc. to Peter Hess®, and Stress Management training.
  • corporate stress management programs tailored to your needs.
  • consulting services to new and established practitioners; childcare centers and schools; health care providers; spas and wellness centers.
The AISMT-Healing Sound Vibrations Academy offers:
  • online self-care training courses with/without healing sound vibration methods with singing bowls. (I do recommend opting for the course with singing bowls; the course without bowls will include other techniques and methods to achieve the desired results.)
  • beginner, intermediate, and advanced training in healing sound vibration methods. All training courses have an online and offline component.
  • Sound vibration intensive boot camp/retreat. The boot camp/retreat includes the beginner, intermediate, and advanced training modules. You will start your training online and at a later time attend one of the boot camps/retreats.
  • half-day, full-day and three to six months workshops on a variety of topics including, self-care, stress management, and productivity.
  • access to reputable singing bowl sellers who offer the required high-quality, therapeutic singing bowl sets for training. (In case you wonder why I no longer keep an inventory of singing bowls …)
  • collaborative events with other holistic providers online and offline.

If you have questions about our training course, feel free to contact us.

Featured in Klang-Massage-Therapie

A German Publication

“Die Klangmassage schenkt mir wieder Lebensqualität” (eng.: The sound massage gives me back my quality of life), by Margit Willems Whitaker, was the featured article in the German publication “Klang-Massage-Therapie, heft 10, 10/2015.

Excerpt: coming soon!

AISMT and Healing Sound Vibration Methods


About AISMT and HEALING SOUND Vibration Methods New Logo

2017: Grand reopening of AISMT and the inauguration of Healing Sound Vibrations Academy training and workshops.

2016: Relaunched American Institute SMT as a training provider for vibrational sound aka sound massage training.

About AISMT and Four Pillars of Health Connection

2014: Developed the Four Pillars of Health lifestyle coaching program. The program was initially designed as a fitness nutrition and lifestyle weight management program, but has since evolved into a holistic lifestyle coaching program for mind, body and spirit

About AISMT and the Peter Hess Academy connection

2013: The Peter Hess Institute licensed six academies in the United States that were authorized to teach the Peter Hess Sound Methods. Margit was one of the Peter Hess Sound Massage pratitioners selected to open up an academy.  April 2013,  the academy officially opened its doors under the name PeterHessAcademyUSA .  AISMT restructured and offered Peter Hess Sound Methods, along with personal development, stress management and meditation training.

About Us AISMT and HEALING SOUND Vibration Methods New : Old American Institute SMT logo

2012: AISMT convened its first training seminar in Singing Bowl Sound Therapy at Positive Touch Enterprise, Richardson,Texas.

2010: AISMT was relocated to Dallas, Texas, and offered Peter Hess® Sound Massage sessions, coaching, hypnosis, and personal development workshops and training.

2010: AISMT convened the first sound massage training for a small group of sound enthusiasts in Towson, Maryland.

2009: American Institute SMT officially opened its doors in Baltimore, Maryland. At the time, Margit was one of two Peter Hess® Sound Massage practitioners and one among a few sound healers in the US.

About Us Margit's Peter Hess Institute Certification and AISMT and HEALING SOUND Vibration Methods New

2008: Margit became serious about pursuing and getting certified in sound healing. She attended the Peter Hess® Sound Massage Intensive in August, 2008. Margit returned to the US and started to offer the required sound massage practice sessions to family and friends.  Prior to the Sound Massage Intensive, Margit had trained with my sister, in Germany, and other so calledGurus” in sound healing.

About Us AISMT and Margit's Coaching Credential One

2007: Margit was forced to make a decision—to stay in a high paying career with the federal government, or to take care of her health. She opted for the later.  With the help of her assigned career coach, and numerous assessments, Margit decided to pick up where she had left off many years ago—coaching, consulting and training. Even so she had completed several coach and mentor training courses (employer paid) in the past, she opted to enroll in an extensive coach training program—through the Coach Training Alliance—to get up to speed. She also enrolled in a one year hypnotherapy training program and several neuro linguistic programming (NLP) courses.

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AISMT - Healing Sound Vibrations Academy
Nada Brahma! The world is sound. Thanks for stopping by. Join us during our relaunch as an independent training provider of sound healing methods. You can find out more about our journey here. here
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