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Join healing sound vibrations academy grand Reopening in 2017

We are putting new breadth and depth into our training offers.

Who Is Sound Vibration Training For?

Healing Sound Vibration Training is for…


…who Want To Do Good For Self And The People They Care For.

  • Professional Caregivers of sick,elderly, or disabled persons.
  • Parents of special needs children e.g. autism.
  • Adult children of aging parents who need assistance.

Holistic Health Practitioners…

…who want to help their clients relax—a relaxed client is a client who is more open to receive.

  • Acupuncturists who want to offer an additional service to their patients.
  • Chiropractors who want to help their patients with mediaction management. 
  • Holistic Nurses who want to add a holistic complementary modality to their practice.
  • Massage Therapists who want to prepare a client’s body for the actual massage. Benefit for the therapist: Less strain on the wrist.
  • Holistic Nurses who want to help their patients 

Professionals Who Want To Add Value To Their Services.

  • HR Professionals who want to integrate a stress management and burnout prevention program and/or a reintegration program for individuals who suffered burnout and are ready to return to work.
  • Social Workers who want to create an environment where the client wants to talk—to get the information to help the client.
  • Teachers who want to create a more stress free learning environment so they can focus on what matters—development of curiosity, self-esteem, and empathy in others.

Specifically, I received so many requests to set up a fomrallized program our courses are not just about how to do sound vibration healing with singing bowls a.k.a. sound massage, but also about how to implement and integrate what you learn we will add new content ourfor sound healing enthusiasts.

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Healing Sound Vibrations
Academy Training Overview

Get Your Feet Wet

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Sound Massage Training Self Care With Singing Bowls

Learn simple exercises with one or two singing bowls.

Beginner Course

Expand your Influence and help your family and friends.

SV Specialty Workshops

Tailored workshops enable professionals integrate sound bowls into their practice such as care for seniors, children with special needs, and counceling sessions to name a few.

Path To Certification

Gain a certification in professional healing sound vibration through our structured curriculum.

  Sound Vibration Intensive

Speed up your path to certification through our exclusive boot camps.

HSVA Events

We offer a variety of life events as well as virtual events. Stay informed by subscribing to our email list.


Life Events

Virtual Events


Margit is an experienced Sound Healing Practitioner. The combination of explaning the theory of Sound Healing (Klangmassage according to Peter Hess) with its sound healing elements, demonstrating their application and to allowing her students to viscerally incorporate the learned material during the training makes Margit an outstanding teacher.

I feel confident to apply the different modules during a ‘Klangmassage’ with clients.


Director, Sumanas Retreat

I had broken my ankle and it did not heal. I had followed doctor’s orders, but healing was slow. It was during this time I met Margit, and she suggested a singing bowl session. I was skeptical, but after another disappointing doctor’s visit I was willing to give the bowls a try. To my surprised the ankle started to heal and, in addition, experienced some wonderful side effects like better sleep, less stress and more energy. I even scheduled appointments for my 14-year old daughter who suffered from a severe form of acne. As a trained make-up artist I was desperate to find something that would help my daughter. After only three sessions the redness and puffiness was gone and her face looked so much better. Plus, her self-esteem improved with every sessions. What a Gift!

Lulu L.

Director, Melaluca

The moment Margit placed the bowls on my body I knew this was different. The session felt like a gentle roto rooter going through my body loosening and clearing blockages other types of therapy were unable to resolve. I took a chance and it was well worth it.

Marie A.

CEO and Founder, Out-Of-The-Box Small Business Strategies

Sound Massage Training - Client Receiving a Sound Massage
Sound Massage Training - Sound Meditation Class in Euless
Sound Massage Training - Margit attending Back Pain Course at the Peter Hess Insittute, Germany
Sound Massage Training - Margit playing Singing Bowls at Sound and Yoga in Santa Fe New Mexico

Ready To Experience Healing Sound.

Join and Find Your Sound.

AISMT - Healing Sound Vibrations Academy
Nada Brahma! The world is sound. Thanks for stopping by. Join us during our relaunch as an independent training provider of sound healing methods. You can find out more about our journey here. here
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